El Consumo medio


A chimney, functioning 3 to 4 a.m. per day will consume approximately 5 liters of Bio-Ethanol per week.


El coste por hora


Manufactured especially for our chimneys, Bio-Ehanol of heating is presented in liquid form.

In fact, it is to better speak about a time cost that of a cost to the liter. Our calculations show that the combustion of 500 ml of liquid lasts approximately from 2 to 3 a.m. at an average cost of 30 hundreds to 50 hundreds per hour. This price is balanced by the savings in principal heating, in general cut during the use of the chimney.

In a word, the cost of one evening in front of the chimney will be identical to two espresso coffees taken downtown.


El Etanol bio


Rich substance of properties, the bio ethanol can also be used like fuel. Renewable source of energy, a role of foreground could to even be reserved him in the future. The bio ethanol is a bio-fuel (beet alcohol), a source of energy drawn from agriculture, a product with a future which respects at the same time the environment and the atmosphere but also saves all the nonrenewable sources of energy as wood, oil and coal. Indeed, the use of the biocarburants allows the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions and, consequently, of the effect of greenhouse.
Lastly, Bio-Ethanol diffuses a radiant heat which will heat a whole part by removing the impression of "heat in front of and cold behind".

La Contaminación


A "Kamin-Design" chimney does not pollute. Not only the CO release is negligible (it corresponds to that of two candles), but still Bio-Ethanol protects the layer from ozone, respects the environment, saves the natural resources of our planet. If one needs on average twenty to forty years to make push a tree (who will produce oxygen by photosynthesis), the culture of beet allows a renewal ad infinitum and very rapid of the raw material.

Calientan realmente?


Of course, in fact true "stoves" develop from 2 to 4 Kw/h.

In general, in a part of 50 m², you will cut any other heat source (radiators, gas heating, etc.) and thus will realize savings on your principal heating.

1 liter of Bio-éthanol develops 7,16 KW at the time of its combustion.

Dónde encontrar Etanol bio?

Manufactured especially for our chimneys, the bio ethanol of heating is presented in liquid form out of can of 5 liters or Jerry can of 20 liters.
Our customers can provide themselves without formality on our premises or in our retailers.

La Garantía


The "Kamin-Design" chimneys are guaranteed 5 years. Extrement robust and resistant, they have only one moving part (the small rule of the burner).
The guarantee runs of course on the parts and the labour.

La seguridad niños?


A chimney is a heat source thus of possible burns.
As for all the other chimneys "wood" or stoves, it is advisable to take particular precautions:
- never not to leave Bio-Ethanol with range of the children
- never not to let the children light alone the chimney

Of course, an education is necessary, this one is responsibility for the parents. At the time of a first startup, it is often judicious to show to the young children the beauty fire, but also its dangers.

Almacenar Etanol bio


Bio-Ethanol is delivered out of jerry can of safety. We never advise nevertheless:
- to store Bio-Ethanol with range of the children
- to store Bio-Ethanol near a flame or heat source (boiler, for example)
- to store Bio-Ethanol in great quantity (3 jerry cans maximum)

A cellar or a garage is a recommended place.

Etanol líquido o en gel ?

Gelled ETHANOL or liquid BIO-ETHANOL ?

We strongly disadvise the use of gelled ethanol: indeed, in general, the majority of gelling are chemical and their ethanol of simple methylated spirits. If moreover they can generate persistent odors and give to certain headaches, they generate a hard residue and black which clogs the burners and which is practically impossible to clean.

Liquid Bio-Ethanol "Kamin-Design" is the only one with being able to be used in the chimneys.